Let's say you have a cheap sports car, you want to build into a track car, and you realize, you can afford a much meaner car. We're talking exotic here, so you go and trade, now, are you willing to gut out and tune up your high end exotic? Twin turbo it, gut it and put in a roll cage and race seats? Or do you leave it stock, good power stock, a nice comfy interior, and take it to the road course as is? Would it of been better to keep your lower end sports car? Lets use examples to put it into perspective, lets say.. you have a FRS, or a 350/370 Z or a new Mustang or Camaro, maybe a Hyundai Genesis Coupe, and you start eye balling a Audi R8 or a Gallardo, or a F430 or a newer Porsche 911. Thoughts? This isn't to say I can afford a super car, but if my job works out, I might be able to work out a nicer car.. or do I build my Z... have to see how the job goes either way :) Alsoo, I shoulllddd hopefully write a review on the UPS truck I've been learning on at work here soon (sorry I've not been around much but working my ass off now :P). Not sure if I've got the job yet fully or not, but we'll see :) Also, be on the look out for a will it knee featuring my 65' Beetle and my 06' Z..maybe my mums 66' Fastback if she'll let me knee it :)