I attempted to publish this when the Kinja switch was first made, and think I was rather unsucessful, so I'll say it again.  I am my own worst enemy. 

I have purposely held off driving an FR-S/BRZ on the basis that I knew I would like it too damn much, and would want one.  But, like the bonehead I am, I drove an FR-S this past Sunday at the DC Auto Show.  Before I get to the car, I got to meet AJ Nealey, a DC area auto-xer and former TDI cup racer, and prior owner of the shifter kart that my FSAE team keeps around for "training" purposes, and by "training" I mean hooning.  He's the event manager for Scion, at least for the DC show, but I think he travels the country with them, and he and I shot the breeze for a bit while I waited for my ride. 

When I got in the car and met my "co-driver," she noticed my SCCA tag and asked if I was an Auto-Xer.  I told her no, I was here with Terps Racing FSAE, and she told me she was on the U. Oklahoma FSAE team a few years ago.  So it was fun to talk shop with her about FSAE stuff while on the ride.  It also kept her sufficiently distracted while I did a few nice slides in the car. 

I could bore you all with more details, but suffice to say, I fell in love.  Everything about the car was perfect, at least from a drivers stand point.  The only thing I would say is I like the BRZ interior much better, and the fact that it has standard Nav is very appealing. 

Oh god, why did I do this to myself?