As some may remember, I went on a rather spontaneous less-than-36-hours 1900 kms round trip to check out job opportunities last week. Start Thu 14:15 east of Munich, Schwerin at 20:00 to stay for the night, talk with a headmaster near Hamburg at 10:00 Friday, full on job interview in Bremerhaven 14:30, then back home (arrived at 23:10).

While leaving Bremerhaven (google maps on the phone said I would arrive shortly after mignight) the tach needle went up and dropped to zero without the engine doing anything weird. I didn’t know what to make of it and shrugged it off. Minutes later, just 50 meters shy of the Autobahn on-ramp it completely died and wouldn’t start again. Coast to the side, hazards, hi-vis jacket, get out of car to call the ADAC. I mucked that up and got their traffic services instead of their roadside assistance. Tried to start it and it started just fine, revved up properly and all seemed good. I cautiously entered the Autobahn sitting behing the trucks, ready to pull over ASAP. The car never missed a beat and after some time I decided to fuck it and went into full speed mode to eat up those 850 kms.

When I got home I noticed that my phone wouldn’t charge anymore (Galaxy S3 that got wet a couple of weeks ago and seemed to work fine after a half-assed attemp at drying it out). Tried different cables and power outlets, at some point my laptop complained about a high power surge at the USB port! Interdasting!

Seems like the phone sent such a charge through the car’s electronics and it decided to shut down to protect itself. As soon as I unplugged it to get out and call ADAC it started again.


Can this be possible? I really like to think that my car isn’t at fault here, so is this wishful thinking? I have now driven said 850 kms plus an additional 290 commuting, and it ran perfect.

BTW: Disassembled the phone as far as possible (had to borrow proper tools for those little screws), baked it proberly and it is fine now.