We’re going further than Club, now. It will become the Ultracar League.

On this day, a new story will be written.

It is an epic, a chronicle four years in the making.

Presented before the audience are machines that are unlike anything ever seen before; machines that are unlike anything that will ever be seen again.

Photo from Automobilesreview

Engineered to dive twenty thousand leagues deeper than any other car can ever dare to go, reaching further forward at speeds even the mind can’t imagine.

Photo from TopGear.com


From the graceful hands of the world’s discerning designers, these cars are realizations of childhood dreams; sketches shaped by the wind and guided by advanced science to transcend reality.

Photo from RS Sportscars, reposted on Oppo

A masterwork in carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminium, they are kinetic sculptures that evoke emotion at every speed.


Photo from AutoExpress

Months of toiling in workshops to make everything ideal to the final nanometer, of arduous testing of every single part to make sure they stay poised for the next corner, and of throwing away a thousand different failures have resulted in some of the most wonderful cars on Earth.

And now, the definitive test for them has arrived.

Photo from MyGoCar


Bringing eight manufacturers together to truly settle the score once and for all, these eight cars have broken the mold of what a road racer should be.

Photo from Driving.co.uk

Twelve world-revered motor racing tracks shall be the arena in which all these cars will be tested. Twelve of the most amazing venues in motorsport that are hailed as the most challenging and rewarding on the planet.


Photo from Jalopnik, by GF Williams

Each manufacturer can only field two cars, heavily scrutinized to keep away advantage devices, and can summon just one Platinum driver and one Gold driver per car.


Racing against time in two flying laps, for five laps in groups of four, then in two 3-lap duels, the undisputed champion is not who makes the most points, but who won the most. There will be no Balance of Performance, only proof which car is the best outright.

Eight of the world’s most amazing automobiles.

This is randomly-seeded, and used for visualization only.


Twelve legendary race circuits across ten countries.





Fantasy becomes reality. The race is on.