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My poor S10.

As I stated recently: The tailpipe rusted in two and fell off, right behind the muffler. Now, the exhaust exits directly under the cab and the fumes are enough to give you a headache within five minutes of driving.

I took it to an exhaust shop (the same one that put my MazdaSpeed exhaust on my 3 way back when). They quoted me $490.00 to fix everything. Huh?


Well...the exhaust system itself is done for. The catalytic converter is clogged up and broken apart inside (it rattles when you touch it). The muffler, a cherry bomb-type, doesn’t fit right and was sloppily welded on, and of course the tailpipe behind the muffler is gone completely. The majority of that $490.00 estimate being a new catalytic converter.

My friend and I also took apart the ABS module and re-soldered all of the broken connections. Reinstalled it and voila...not. Still got the ABS light on. Sigh.


It’s got other issues that I wish I could address, too. The exhaust, first and foremost. It also runs rich for some reason so the exhaust fumes smell terrible (probably has to do with the bad cat). The ABS is dead. The valve seals leak so it burns oil/smokes at startup. And, the a/c is out. I charge it once a year and it usually lasts through the summer but the compressor sounds like a small airplane.

The fuel pump is also wonky and requires you to let it prime before starting the truck or it won’t start.


Poor truck. Turned over 172k the other night, too.


I’m thinking about selling it, but I can’t find anything worth buying for what I’d get out of the S10. And I know I’d kick myself for getting rid of it the next time I need a 4WD or a truck.

We don’t have inspections here in Kentucky, so I’m thinking about doing the redneck thing and taking the cat off and running a straight pipe out back for cheap. Thoughts?

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