If a hitman wanted to find me, they wouldn’t have to try very hard. Just look for the stupid bright blue BMW in a suburban DC strip mall with both a gym and a Halal Guys. But...I’m ok with this.


There are always mad cops up in the Halal Guys, and the Chipotle that’s also in this same strip mall.

Tonight, I used my white privilege to ask one of the cops why this particular strip mall is so full of Rockville city police all the time. He replied,

“There’s not much open late around here and this place is open til midnight, can’t beat that.”

So no, there is no crime wave near my gym.

I didn’t have the heart to tell him that Halal Guys closes at 11 pm Monday thru Wednesday, 12 am on Thursday and Sunday, and 1 am on Friday and Saturday, but he’s close enough.


Then I got in my stupid modified car with no front plate that the local suburban cops care much less about than getting their late night shawarma fix, and drove off into the night, traveling the precisely 1 mile back to my house to get my grub on.

Here are other random pictures from the evening.


I’m very impressed with the quality of the Google Camera app! Portrait mode could use some work for not-quite portrait objects. The built-in Essential portrait mode I think may be better but it doesn’t do the noise/detail like GCam.

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