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My Prize Came! (Unboxing Pics Included)

As you most likely remember, a few weeks back Doug Demuro held a little contest to try and find his next car. I found a perfect car, a 6 doored Ford F750. Doug loved it so much he gave it 1st for the biggest surprise category. That meant that I got the Cadillac beach towel!

I was shocked when i opened the box to also find a copy of his book. I have been meaning to read it forever so now I can!


I will have to take Doug's word on it being washed. He really did love that towel. Hopefully when he hits it big, this book will be worth a ton now that he signed it!


And it really is a nice looking towel. It is wrapped around me now as I type this.

So, thanks Doug for the fun contest and copy of your book. I will read it and review it soon! And last time I checked, the truck is still available!

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