I haven't made a post like this (or any) for quite a long time. I've been rejected for internship positions (though, I did get the interviews), and now, I have nothing but job applications to fill out for the summer. Chances of me getting a call back before the summer are slim, so I may have this summer free.

My project car budget has risen, through savings, and now I have nearly 1600 dollars. I still want a 240sx, but the 318ti is a close favorite. Yes, I like this odd hatchback. I want to make a DD/Drift car/Track Day/Autocross car (I know what I'm asking here). I know that usually people hold separate cars for occasions like that, but this is something that will be driven hard, and beaten. Something that I'm going to paint in my garage with spray cans. Don't worry, I have a separate DD.

I really wish people around here didn't thing their cars cost so much. Seriously, 240sx shells still go for like 2000 dolololars because "drift car status"

I just want something that runs, and something manual.

Maybe I should just Miata it. But I want a hard top.