I know it’s an unpopular opinion for many people, to consider the new Ridgeline as being all that most people need for their standard trucking duties. I understand both sides of that coin.

I know that it wouldn’t work for towing the boat that many people use frequently. It wouldn’t be enough for towing a horse trailer which is a common occurance in many other peoples’ lives. And it wouldn’t be good at towing a race car or picking up a car and trailering it home from 1000 miles away.

Then there’s the other side of that argument. If you drive the truck, usually with no one else in the vehicle, why do you need something so big? Taking up more room in a modern compact car parking lot than necessary. Burning more fuel than necessary at the detriment of your own wallet and some might say to the environment.

Here comes the new, smaller trucks. Fixing most of those issues with driving big trucks every day! Right!?


So... why doesn’t the Ridgeline offer a 4 cylinder engine?

The competition all does... The Colorado offers a modern 4 cylinder. The Tacoma offers a not-as-modern 4 cylinder in its refreshed self. The Frontier offers a not-as-modern 4 cylinder in its not-as-refreshed self.


Honda makes modern 4 cylinder engines, and they practically built their reputation on 4 cylinder engines. So... opinions on why the Ridgeline hasn’t announced (and I would bet against it existing ever) a 4 cylinder version? A K-series would be perfect against the competition. They even already make versions with competitive displacement in this segment!

Unless it’s just not going to happen because they want to silence some of the fire going on the “not a real, and manly, truck” argument... I don’t see it.


Pictured for some people’s enjoyment (such as mine) is my “truck enough” 4 cylinder, manual transmission, Colorado.