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My quick opinion of DriveTribe after a couple a weeks' use...

Well, I’m just not convinced....It’s mainly just a race for “bumps” in order to get noticed by newcommers so that they subscribe to your tribe...

For some reason I managed to rack some 4000+ people to register to my tribe, but what for?? Large amount of posts is rewarded more than proper full length articles. The goal is to create as much posts as possible to rack bumps, quality be damned.


“Tribe Nation”whcih is supposed to promote quality stuff from lesser tribes, is more or less a circle jerk of the biggest tribes contents being reshared once again... Those same tribes which got featured way before the website was even opened in beta.

So all in all, I’ll probably keep posting stuff in there once in a while, but I certainly won’t bother writing anything. The stats are quite appealing also and show how much people don’t care about full length articles. I ended up with more “bumps” than actual clicks on some of the old articles I have reshared, meaning that people just don’t really care about reading anything. They want some sort of an Instagram combined with a Twitter for cars, which is what it is becoming. Short content, that you, as a user, skip through in a couple of seconds.

Quantity of posts over quality. Throw in jaw dropping pictures, 10 times a day, you’ll do very well! Try to focus on write ups, that take time and upload one of those a day at best, you’ll be rewarded with 15 clicks on it and that will be it.

So, it’s interesting, some good stuff on there, but not what I was hoping for...

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