My race seat now fits!

The bad news is that the upholstery shop flaked out on making a new cover for it, so I’ll have to try out another one in town. Ultrashield has changed thier design some on this model since 2003, and they no longer have the patterns to make a new cover for my old seat.

The good news is that while I had the jack and tools out of the F150 to flip the spare tire so that I can check the air pressure in it without lowering it, I thought I’d see what I could do to make the seat a bit wider. I managed to spread it out about inch, and  without even breaking any of the welds. It is now just the right size.


I still remember being advised to buy at 16" seat instead of the 15" seat that fit my 17 year-old self perfectly at the time. “You won’t be 17 forever,” they said, but being 17 I ignored the advice and bought the smaller seat. It turns out they were right and we get fatter as we get older.

In others news, it was mustang and F150 service day today. The truck got its first air filter replacements today.

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