My Radiator Just Shit The Bed.

I’ve known for awhile that my Galant will need a new radiator. Now it NEEDS a radiator. The plastic end cap separated from the metal core here.

This picture was taken after the car was already shut off.

Illustration for article titled My Radiator Just Shit The Bed.

The snow was due to a moment of “oh shit my car is shooting out coolant like geyser what the heck do I do?” I got back in the car saw that temp was slowly going up, and shut her down.

The weird thing is the temp gauge was reading totally normal before I came home, but at the last stop sign I hit a big cloud of steam came up. I dismissed it assuming it was just from a big puddle I had just driven through.


You should have seen the eye roll I got when I walked in and said “hey babe... so my car needs a new radiator...” right after I had just gone out for a drive. The missus is not happy. So it’s time for that aluminum Mishimoto radiator I’ve been planing on. Although I wasn’t planing on buying it until like March. And ATM I don’t have a car.

Also I’m going to get analog temp, bolt, and oil gauges

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