This is week 4 in a row of being in Dallas, TX on work travel and I figured I would give a quick synopsis on the rentals I have chosen for the last few weeks. Since DFW has most (maybe all?) of the rental companies set up with an open garage floor where you choose your own car based on your alloted category, I have been just picking different things each time. Of course I am in the lowest possible category so my options are somewhat limited but I have been able to avoid Versas like the plague thus far.

2 weeks ago: Ford Focus hatch in white
1 week ago: Ford Fiesta hatch, also in white
This week: Toyota Corolla in silver

I believe the week prior I was on a ski vacation and then the week before that I had a Kia Forte which I previously wrote about. Anyways, these rentals have been solid choices for the simple task of getting between the airport, hotel, work, and dinner places during the week. There arent many turns here in Dallas but I sure have tried to push these things around the freeway onramps and the uturns here as much as possible.

The Focus was actually the best so far for sure. This car is decidedly quick and held the title for being the fastest of the group. Being that my only real joy with these rentals is just driving as fast as possible, this was an easy title for the Focus to achieve. This car did the best wheel hopping burnouts as well.


The Fiesta was the most nimble while also being the slowest of the bunch. But it held onto being “slow car fast” easily thanks to the suspension allowing for it to actually be fun-ish. This car did burnouts only with the wheels turned or a wet road.

The Corolla, while faster than the Fiesta, turns like a turd and would screech the tires and feel floaty around any remotely agressive turn. It has the added bonus of being the ONLY car with bluetooth that worked with my phone so that was a plus. Have not been able to do a burnout yet so it is in last place right now.

Next rental, I will be here for two weeks (including the weekend) so I definitely have to pick something not terrible. If a Focus or HOONDAI Accent is available, I will be going with one of those for sure. Although I found it funny that a Nissan Frontier was parked in the row, meaning I had that as an option. But I am really not a truck person. There was also a Mitsubishi Lancer available but it reeked of cigarettes so I didnt go with that one. I will consider other gambles but I would really like to not have a penalty box over the weekend.


Especially if I go and autocross it!

This is a bit far away but would be a great way to spend the weekend.