My rental for the next 2 hours [Update: quick review]


Door straps, because lightweight

[edit] Just gave the car back.

After about 100km, almost all on the Autobahn, what I can say about that car:

Exterior: Citroën took the oddball C4 cactus, toned it down a little, and applied the style to the smaller C3. It’s basically designed to be different, but not so different they would lose their usual subcompact buyers. It’s acceptably odd, if you will. Looks is always subjective, I like it.

Interior: cloth seats with a texture and look that reminded me of my sofa at home, a bit harder, and with better lateral support. The plastics were nice. The floating screen is sadly standard now. The sound system had dab+ (yeah, I can listen to my favorite rock radio) and decent speakers. The smell of new plastics was a bit overwhelming though.

Ride: surprisingly hard for a french car, even though it was on small wheels (14?), but maybe I’ve had this impression because I’ve been driving my very soft 505 a lot lately.


Engine: it had a small petrol engine, I’d guess the 3 cylinder 1.2l. It was pretty slow, the acceleration was comparable to the Pajero, but for a car made for the city, that’s alright. Top speed I got was 175kph. Average fuel economy was about 6L/100km, at 93km/h average over about 1000km (I gave the key back with 985km). That’spretty high, but my guess is that the car’s mainly been driven on highways, when it’s made for slower speeds. An additional gear (5 speed manual) would have helped.

Overall, it’s a nice car. I’d get a larger engine though.

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