My Rental For the Next Couple Days

The wagon is in the shop trying to diagnose why my self leveling suspenion light intermittently goes on.

This car is hilariously “MEH.” It’s does being a car okay, just a huge bore in the driving dynamics sector.


The interior isn’t GM bad, but it seems to be blurring that line more and more.

It has all the necessities, but when you think about Nissan’s econobox 25 years ago, you get cool things like a Silvia or Pao or Figaro. Granted they weren’t trying to achieve what the Sentra does for the public, those cars still had character.

Update about the wagon: the SLS light has not come on for the guys at the shop, so who the hell knows what it could be. Also, my cats are apparently going bad, hooray for 20 year old bimmer maintenance!!

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