It has NOT held up well. I didn’t get a glimpse of the odometer but the wear I observed was consistent with a 20+ year old car.

In the lead image please note: missing knob, buttons worn down to yellow plastic, soft touch coating worn off around bottom of touchscreen, TPMS light.

Visible wires under seat, ripped seat back pocket
This is the seat back on both sides.


How does a car at this price point not have a sunroof?

And this is just what I could see from my seat!

I get that livery cars see much more wear and tear than normal cars but this was just appalling. The ride was also jiggly and loud and the rear seats didn’t have enough padding.


I’ve ridden in a Tahoe of this gen and the Escalade is no more comfortable or refined. It rode just the same and the materials felt the same. This model was clearly just a no-effort cash grab to capitalize on the success of the previous Escalade. All style and no substance.

1/10 hecking bad buy