I’ve already had my resume submitted by recruiting agencies twice for a position at VW’s test facility, but it would be working on their prototypes. I was fricking giddy at the prospect of doing that. But the manager refused to even talk to me both times. I don’t have any hope for this Audi position.

I’m not sure why I was passed over, I have certifications coming out of my ass, and plenty of experience. But, oh well.

In other news my boss is such a cheap piece of shit I have to work tomorrow unless I don’t want to be paid. He made me take memorial day off, but I assumed that was paid off, otherwise I would have worked it.

So he can go fuck himself, and now when I find another job I won’t be giving him even 30 second of notice. I’ll be showing up the next day after I’ve secured a job with a tow truck, sorry, flat bed, and getting the fuck out. He doesn’t deserve any courtesy from me.