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My review of episode 3 of The Grand Tour

I’ve never seen a show tease you with a better version of what it could be and then slap you in the face with such disrespect as this episode. I wanted an actual grand tour. Or the hammond schtick to wear off. Or james may to get clever. Or celebrity brain crash to stop....Nothing was coherent besides a dogged insistence that making fun of hammond through bad edits and an almost cartoonish level of “He’s american and dumb” would draw out laughs.

It just.......It’s like the crew *know* how to make a good show but either don’t want to, or can’t. I don’t get it. The second episode was actually pretty fun. I liked it. But it wasn’t perfect either. I hope this is just teething issues. But it was the least fun TG episode since the “budget cut” episode at the end of season 17 or 18 or whatever.

Anyways, I’m off to bed. Hope others enjoyed it more.

*EDIT/UPDATE* - After a few comments, I nailed down why I disliked this episode. There were no new jokes after the first 15 minutes of this episode. And I mean word for word. Hammond was a caricature of their view of Americans, May was uptight and dowdy, and Jeremy split the difference whenever the scene called for it. The hellcat did burnouts and drank too much fuel. The Aston was exquisite, always. The Rolls was quiet and dignified....perhaps too much so.


I was waiting for them to switch car and May rips a burnout outside of Milan in a Hellcat or for Hammond to show up in the end in a suit and the hellcat burbling in downtown Sicily with everyone loving it and Hammond playing the part of a dignified movie star or something. It was crying out for the story to be changed. And I felt like I was waiting for it the whole time. And then it never happened.

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