The first show with skidplate racing was just okay. I have friends who have done that a few times so I had to see the show because I never had attended a skidplate race. That first show didn’t seem to grab me at all. I was hopeful though since it was just the first try. Then the secind show driving across NYC for food was super entertaining for me. I’ve been there just enough over 35 yrs to somewhat know much of the area. The show grabbed my interest and not sure why but I was fully engaged in watching every second of the show. I knew about Willets Point and its history beforehand but the short segment on that subject was so well executed. Kudos to the guys and the producers for getting things to click. I’ve had friends living in Queens, on Long Island and my daughter lived in the city for 2 years. I’ve visited there for several decades and I hope they do some other segments on regions or cities like that.

In the future I’m wondering what they will come up with. Maybe there could be a day where all the Oppo and Jalopniks post suggestions for future shows. I’d like to suggest a road trip to Hawks Nest New York and one to Hawks Nest WV different areas but same name. Things along that line as well. Tail of the Dragon would also be great and maybe be there with one of the many car clubs that attend. The Wookies in The Woods event that also fund raises for the rescue squad and an engine revving sound when all the VR6 engines gather might be good. Being not that far from Carlisle PA, they could attend one of the many great car events there. They might even talk to Santiago or Dusty about entering one of the rallies in the midwest or Northeast. So far I love the show , mainly for the second episode and waiting to see what else they come up with. Keep up the good work guys, looking forward to a long run with your new project.

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