I have my mother-in-law’s car for the day, it’s a 2014(?) Volvo C70, T5, automatic (I’m not sure you could get a manual).

First impressions: Good looks. Comfy. Visibility is, of course, amazing. Interior is the same as my wife’s 2005 S40, so clearly they don’t care about C70 buyers; you want a drop-top Volvo? Here it is, take it or leave it. But then, the 2005 had a great center stack design (in my opinion), so why change it?

Driving: the T5 engine is exactly as I remember it: great torque curve, it moves well but it’s not going to snap your head back. Nice sounds, when you can hear them. Handling - it corners nicely until you hit a bump and then HOLY HELL THE WHOLE FRONT OF THE CAR JIGGLES and NOW I understand why people think convertibles are floppy. I mean, it’s not so much that it’s super unsettling, but my regular car is an E46 wagon, and every time I drive something else, I appreciate it a little more.


That’s all I’ve got for now, I’ve got to work.