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My ride over the Kanc

So Sunday morning I was sitting around with nothing really to do, so I mapped out a drive over the Kancamagus Highway just to see how long it would take. Being that it was only 11, I decided to get in the Focus and start driving up 10 towards 116, which connects to 112, which is the Kancamagus. I was about to drive past my dad’s house when I decided to stop and ask if my sister wanted to go.

She had just gotten back from camping and didn’t appear too enthusiastic about the idea. She came along anyway, after I told her I’d buy her lunch. Armed with an ST and a 16 year old girl, I pushed on.

When we stopped for gas, this watched over us from across the street. When I left, it left, going our separate ways. I only stopped a few times to take pictures of cars, because I never really get to drive any good roads and I was enjoying the chance. We stopped at a small car museum and gift shop at one point though. I bought my sister a rock.


This is actually the tear down area for the new Reliant-Crosley Skyliner ST.


This is a Cadillac chopped into a tow truck.


Anyway, we continued attacking the road, and as much as my sister tried to play it off, I’d look over quite a few times and find her giggling.


This corner produced a mixture of giggles and terror; it’s probably the best corner up there.


Some guy’s awesome yard. Jealous.

Anyway, on the way down the backside, I’m not sure if I actually got brake fade of it was all in my head, but we stopped and let the car cool off for a bit. That’s when I took this:


Then some guy on a motorcycle started rubbing up in his wife and moaning. I think the car is cool now.

On the way home we were on Route 25 and I saw signs for the Castle in the Clouds. We ended up having lunch there but not going up to the castle, which I regret, because we paid like $24 to get into the park that surrounds it and drive up this really tight clutch-killer road, and didn’t see the castle. It was my fault though, so I guess I can’t really complain. I did get this awesome picture though:

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