A banner weekend for my S10. Tailpipe finally rusted through and fell right off. I’ve got to get that fixed because the exhaust fumes (of which there are plenty) come out right behind the cab. Hoping I can find someone to weld something back on there for cheap.

Had to get a new battery as the four-year-old Rural King one that was in the truck died (I made the mistake of letting the truck sit for a month without starting it).

And, my mechanic friend and I took the entire ABS module apart and resoldered every single connection within it. There were some broken ones. Started the truck back up once we got everything back together, and bam. ABS light still on. Ugh. It’s throwing some random codes I’ve never heard of. Nothing to do with wheel speed sensors, which is what I was hoping it was. So, my ABS is permanently dead and has been since July 2017.

Also got some A/C Pro to recharge the air. It should last through the summer...I hope. The compressor sounds like a small airplane, though, so it’s about to die.

Hit 172,000 miles on the way home last night.

Damn thing is falling apart.