I’ve been riding the scooter to school everyday that the weather cooperates. I’ve been noticing that it starts weaker and weaker each time. It was noticeable enough that I started carrying jumper cables. Well, yesterday, on a gorgeous morning never more perfect for scooter riding, the inevitable happened. Slow crank, no start. I drove the truck to school (which, in hindsight, I should have asked my wife if I could take her Vespa, since she has literally ridden it once in the year since I’ve purchased it for her).

Yesterday afternoon I went through the procedure in the service manual to test the charging system. The stator assembly has more than double the resistance it should, so I think we found the problem. This won’t be a fun job.


ARGH! I bought a fuel injected Japanese scooter, because I wanted something I could just ride without working on!

Anybody ever use Partzilla? They have the part for about $20 less than my local dealer ... who is really 20 miles away ... but I don’t want to be waiting an eternity for the part. I just wanna to ride!

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