The worst part is that technically, none of these are better for driving than the Mexico 66 sneakers on the left.

Take the Tod’s gomino drivers for example. These are the Ur driving shoe and the best of the lot. They’re also, as you can see, not ever meant to come into contact with any surface rougher than carpeting under any circumstances.

Or these Tod’s City Drivers. These are intended as being driving shoes that you can walk in, but somehow manage to be no more durable.


Or these Ferragamo drivers. They’re much more durable than Tod’s, but not nearly as flexible or grippy.


Or these Bottega Venetas. These are somehow called driving shoes, presumably because they have rubber at the heel and front of the foot, but they’re otherwise just loafers and don’t even have a heel protector up the back, which kind of an important part of being a driving shoe.

They also have hand woven leather and are, by a sizable margin, the most expensive shoes I own. These are, actually, driving shoes that I change out of and into other driving shoes before driving because they’re too expensive to risk wearing out the hell. These are very bad driving shoes indeed.


Yet, despite all of this, I spend a bit significant portion of my day shopping online for more driving shoes.

Also, you’ll note that none of these are Pilotis. That’s because Pilotis are ugly and garbage and not Italian, despite the name.