Twingo branded glasses, and a highly detailed model.

I have no idea how you found these glasses Senna, but they are amazing! The original Twingo (and it’s logotype) were ended in 2007, so these are at least 12 years old. A fantastic find, and an amazing gift.

The detail on the model is amazing. The body is metal but the plastic bumpers are actually plastic. All the trim pieces and badging is there. It’s got disc brakes in the front only, like it should. And the interior! Omg my dudes, how they crammed all that detail in, I have no idea.


Thank you Secret Senna, I am very grateful and humbled by all the effort! The box was huge and the packaging very carefully done! The Twingo poster is going to get framed and the sticker is going on the car, most likely.

May you have a great 2019!