Hey guys! I’ve been gone for a while but here I am back again now...

So a couple days ago I was browsing Kijiji (actually on the 10th) at around 2 PM and I found an Audi A4 2.8 V6 30V Quattro Tiptronic pearl white with an asking price of $1000. I was like why the hell not and I messaged the seller asking what’s wrong with it... she said it was just valve cover gaskets and a rear left wheel bearing that hummed. I thought about it and said, “okay well.. will you take $500?” She said yes but no negotiations and that it had to go because it was on the visitor’s parking and it couldn’t be there any more. This made me put on my “hustling” persona and I jumped to the action, I said “okay, I’ll see you in an hour”.
I got there and it’s underwhelming... nothing looks too bad about the car, could be worse for “$500". No actual rust, just a couple paint chips and surface rust.
After about 3 hours of waiting for the seller to show up it was already night, so I took my flashlight to the car and inspected it. Valve covers leaked, oil pan gasket seemed to be leaking, interior was in passable condition, Audi Sport wheel, flip up deck by Alpine, ghetto paint on some interior trim... could be worse still.
I inspect the engine codes and find that the transmission is actually slipping and it has a misfire on cylinder 6.. the transmission slippage became my biggest concern. I told the seller that I had $300 that I was willing to give them at that point in time and that I wouldn’t come back with any more money. I could drive it away today or she could have it there until someone else comes around because with those kinds of issues she will never be able to sell it for $1000 or even $500.
She takes the money, I sign all the papers and I keep her plates for the meantime so I can drive it home. Arthur Lima (Zipppyart on here) follows me in my red hatch civic all the way to Kanata from the South Keys (about a 25 mile trip)... the sketchiest drive of my life. There were all kinds of metal grinding noises and smells... but the interior of the Audi was cozy, the power was always there and it was a smooth ride so it made me forget the intense metal carnage happening in my rear left hub.
When I got home I noticed there was some intense smoke coming from the hub, and the smell of metal fabrication (you know that smell you get when you’re grinding metal with metal?). The wheel had like 4 degrees of negative camber and I was like “let’s call it a day”.
And that’s the (shitty) story of how I got my first (and possibly last) Audi.