And it isn't all bad...

My cons would be: the layout is relatively uninspiring on the main Jalopnik/OPPO pages, commenting system with only the top reply showing really makes it difficult for both the poster and commenters to navigate. I don't know if they are trying to throttle some bandwidth or bump the click count, but that would be 2 effects. Whatever clock tiger is using for posts is way out of whack. I see posts come and go 5-6 times before they settle down and stick. Top stories need a better algorithm so more new content is mixed in. This may be the same as before tiger, but is more apparent with the top image showing. Notifications from myblog.private/notifications go to an ellipse instead of showing all of the notification, even on a 1920px wide monitor. Ad placement on FP with the "also read on Gawker" section with the rolloff is just not intuitive. Either place the content where we can see it on page load, or don't. .gif avatars are often stalled on one frame.

Pros: the image uploader seems ALOT more stable. Cut and paste with GIF support works 100% vs pre kinja. Mobile/tablet has improved. Posting tool is quicker and more stable too. My pop ups for linking or image/vid uploading doesn't stack on top of each other anymore. Aesthetically it is growing on me.

If we had gotten a simple mobile app, autorefresh on notifications and a few other simple things, I think there would be alot more constructive criticism around these parts vs everyone threatening to LEAVE KINJA 4-EVA. Anyhow, now it has been said. Have some David Bowie