My Siren Song

As you know, the Alltrack and GSW will have ceased production for the 2020 model year. Each are the last two manual, AWD, wagons we will probably ever see in the United States sold new.

I am finding some examples for temptingly cheap prices. This one in particular is less than a new Corolla XSE hatchback. A white one for similar price that was local sold within a week of me finding that post.


Yes, it’s a Golf wagon with Haldex, cladding, and a slight lift. But part of me thinks that these will be looked back upon rather fondly, especially with the Mk8 in general appearing to be an aesthetic, uh, misfire.

Oodles of space.

No tablet glued to the damn dash.

Simple, clean ergonomics.

Tasty packaging.

I don’t need one... I don’t have the funds for anything, really... But in a few years when I’m looking for my next vehicle, will I kick myself for not picking up one of these new for peanuts?

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