My stepdad knows what's up....

I came home last night to this in the driveway. LWB with a GM Performance exhaust to really magnify dat 6.2L growl.

Also my household’s cars now reflect our personalities pretty well.

Mom- ‘15 SRX, a middle aged jersey wife who takes on a ton of hobbies like paddle boarding and yoga and making “shabby chic” furniture, she’s got the practical yet stylish ride to show it.


Me- Custom ‘04 Deville, ballin’ on a budget, although my style might be about 10 years out of date, you’re damn right I’ll buy the most amount of bling my budget can get me, and I rock it with unheard of levels of brashness and confidence

My brother- ‘13 ATS 2.5, he’s all about having the most up to date style, is the type that wears Jordan’s with a button down. Has more or less been able to punch above his budget thanks to his dad would probably have an Altima coupe otherwise.

Stepdad- ‘13 Escalade ESV, the boss and main breadwinner of the house drives the biggest and most expensive vehicle. I feel like white diamond tricoat ESVs are standard issue to middle aged Italian guys who run shit in jersey.

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