Spoiler: No this story doesn’t end with the bastards getting strung up by their balls as they sorely deserve.

Some of you might remember my Commodore getting stolen from storage a few months ago. Here’s what’s happened since.

Fortunately it was insured. But to make life interesting, I’d only taken out the policy the week before. Literally the last time I saw the car was when I took some photos for the application form. So I got a pretty good grilling from the PI the insurance put on the case. Eventually she decided it was a legit theft, but talk about paperwork: they have a standardised process they run through for car thefts, and a racecar doesn’t fit. Go on, try filling out the box under “list all modifications”. Or the one under “provide evidence of maintenance history”.

Meantime, my wife had posted the theft on Facebook. Within a couple of days her post had been shared 1500 times, including by every NZ car club and motorsport group I’ve ever heard of and a lot I hadn’t. Kinda cool to see the community pulling together. Also amazing the power of social media.


A couple of weeks later, we got a Facebook message from a stranger: a guy who knew a guy who said he knew whodunnit. He was willing to talk to the PI, but his source wanted to remain anonymous. So the PI talked to him, got a name, and went to the cops. Who basically said “yes, we know this asshole well, it sounds like his MO, so it’s probably a good tip. But he has multiple places he stashes cars, and unless we have some evidence better than a tip we’re not going to get a warrant for all of them. So we’re not going to do anything about it”. Your tax dollars at work!

...and that’s where it ended. We know who did it but they’re going to get away with it unless the cops fall over some other excuse to raid them.


What really pisses me off about the whole saga is that a car which has survived 30 years as a race car, and had multiple people pouring love and money into it over the years, isn’t going to get to go out in a blaze of glory like it deserves to, but will get parted out and carved up in a chop shop somewhere.

Anyway, insurance eventually paid out, and now I’m looking for a new toy. I’ve decided that as long as I’m living in a place with damn all parking, a car which needs a trailer and tow vehicle is too much hassle, so I’m going to give the racing a break for a while and instead get a streetable track rat. I’m also thinking “slow but with handling” for a change, since the Commodore was the epitome of the “get it straight then light the fuse” school of driving. Currently debating between an NA/NB MX5 (and keep a separate DD) and seeing if a Toyobaru is liveable with as a dual-duty car. The MX5's going to be cheaper to make mistakes in, but against that if I‘m not putting a full cage in it (not street legal in NZ) then a tin top and some 21st century crumple zones would be nice.


Watch this space...