My 335xi has headlamp washers that activate along with the windshield sprayers when the headlamps are on. Even though my washer fluid reservoir holds over a gallon, I still have to refill the damn thing way too often.

The headlamp washers don’t activate every time I spray the windshield with the lights on. They do spray the first time you spray the windshield after starting the car, if the lights are on, or the first time you spray after turning the lights on (or letting the auto lights turn themselves on).


The thing is, in winter time, both my drive to and from work often happen when it’s dark enough out that the auto headlamps turn on. And since I have a 1-car garage at my house, my car is parked outside overnight half the time, and my job has no covered parking. After work, I stop in at home, then go to the gym and head home.

A lot of these times, if there’s some precipitation happening, random bits of ice or other crud forms on my windshield where it could use a spray. I spray my windshield after starting the car up, in the dark, a lot. But the headlamps don’t need to be friggin washed every damn time I try to clear a little ice or slush from my field of view, and as you can see in the video, the headlamp washers do a double pump fake and spray the lights twice every time.

All through winter, inevitably my car starts dinging at me again to fill the washer fluid and makes me think, “wait, didn’t I just fill that with a whole gallon jug like 3 weeks ago?”

At least it’s not as annoying as the stupid “HEY DID YOU KNOW IT’S 37°F OR COLDER” frost warning dinger that dings at me every single time I start my car from November through March.


Winter is almost over, but apparently you can just pull the fuse for the headlamp washers and not have them do their spray double pump fake spray routine. I might still do that, right after I go buy another gallon (or three) of washer fluid.