My Tail is Lit Again

I actually did this on Friday afternoon, but Ive been too busy to post about it. I worked from 10am to 8pm on Friday, from 4pm to 3am on Saturday. Then did homework (in between naps) yesterday. It came out to $41.99 including the lens, tax and the entrance fee to the junkyard on Thursday. It was also super easy. It was held in with 4 screws. What is up with Ford and the number 4? My door was held on with 4 bolts, the taillight with 4 screws, the head shield with 4 clips. The door card was held in with 4 screws too! I wonder how many other parts are held on with 4 fasteners?


I also scored a Philco-Ford AM Tube radio for free out of a 1969 Mercury Cougar from my neighbor. It supposedly works, I know the preset switches and knobs do at least. But from the paperwork I have with it, It seems it was removed when the car was upgraded to FM and couldve been re-installed for $7.50. So it at least worked when it was removed from the car, judging by that re-install price it was at least 3 decades ago, soit may or may not work now.

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