Every genius has his theories in his designated field. Like Einstein and relativity; my theories have to do with buying and selling vehicles.

Theory 1: The desirability effect.

- I propose that, when referring to a mans (or womans) desire for an out of production vehicle, the availability of said vehicle and available funds for said man are proportional and equidistant. For example, when the man has zero dollars, his most desirable and rarest of vehicles will be plentiful and readily available for purchase. As that mans available funds increase towards the point of vehicle affordability, that vehicle becomes less and less readily available, until the point where he has all of the funds, at which point the vehicle will be completely unavailable.

Theory 2: The Buyers Game.

- I propose that, when listing specialty or select market vehicles, the buyer interest in the vehicle is equally proportional to the sellers availability. For example, when the seller has a week of free time to show the vehicle, there will be no interested buyers, however, when the seller has a week of time in another country in which he is unreachable by any means of technology, potential buyers will attempt to contact the seller non stop.

Of course, these are just theories that I continue to test at my own expense and aggravation.