I always wanted to pose this theory to you guys but I've never had the chance to fully type all of this out. I noticed that very often, Lexus has engines that are lower powered than the German rivals of the same class, like the LS with the A8 and the S550, or the GS with the A6 and the 535i.

Like the LS had 386 horsepower, while the A8 has 414 horsepower in its V8 configuration and the S550 had 429 horsepower and the 750i has 445 horsepower.Like 386 is significantly less than the V8s given out by the Germans, and the only thing really that the LS has different than tem is that they're more reliable than the Germans.

Since I thought of this, I learned that Germans don't only have engine problems, but they have like suspension problems and other problems, but related to engine problems at least, is there a chance that the LS is reliable because it doesn't force all the power it can out of its engines? Like if the Toyota 4.6L is tuned to only go to 80% of the power it can give compared to the Germans that tune the engines to 100% and then put turbos on it?