In case you have not yet read Mr. George’s article, feel free to click here.

Anyway, Mr. George is right. Motorcycle journalism needs to get back on the right track, starting with people like me: someone who has never owned or rode a motorcycle, but wants to get on one. However, there is still one thing holding me back, and that is the attitude some riders bring. That is, riders need to stop being assholes to other drivers.

Now, not every motorcyclist is a douche nozzle ready to break off mirrors and beat the shit out of innocent people. It’s just that it seems like this attitude is almost encouraged by some riders for some reason. Here are a couple of videos to make my point.


Yes, drivers will not be the best of people. Yes, you, as a motorcyclist, will get cut off. But, why try to take the law into your own hands? What’s the deal? Forgive and forget, please.

I would not doubt most of the motorcycle isn’t like this, but it’s sad that they do not get the representation like these asshats in the videos do.