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My Thoughts on the BMW Ultimate Driving Experience

Good morning Oppo! I’ve got a new video up on YouTube, regarding my time at the BMW Ultimate Driving Experience on November 11, 2018. Because I am such a ruthless self-promoter, I thought you lot might enjoy it, but since I also hate being baited into opening a Kinja link without any relevant text in it, here’s a small blurb as well:

- Yes, I could only attend the Teen Driving School because I am not old enough to sign up for Autocross, Street Drives, or M Track Days. But if I had fun in the “boring” event... rest assured that the others should be worthwhile.


- To any fellow teenager Oppos, or those old enough with teenage kids: I am not sponsored by BMW to say this, but definitely partake in (or sign your kids up for) this experience if it comes around your area! The exercises are incredibly helpful for putting defensive driving skills in practice; for more detail, I explain them in the video. Plus, if you think about it, BMW is basically letting you drive new cars on a track, all on their dime (since the event is free to join). In fact, an attendee deeply scraped the left rear fender on a 3-Series”, and I don’t believe he/she was charged for the damage.

Indeed, if it was not obvious enough, I enjoyed the experience. Please watch the video for more of my thoughts, and AMA below (if you are so inclined)!


Thanks, fellow Opponauts!

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