I’ve known this a while now. I’m not shocked, but sad. I’m sad, thats it’s leaving & there will be less weird cars on the road. I also have a theory why.

When Nissan announced the Qashqui(Rouge Sport) was coming to North America, they have to kill of similar model in their model range. Internal competition is never a good thing. Being that the Qashqui sell so well in other markets, it’s a safe bet that it will thrive here. The Juke was the only similar car in their model range that is very similar.

Also lots cars built on the Nissan B-platform are getting refreshes, the Juke is also getting close to the end of its production cycle & is due for a major up date. It makes sense to not crash test, & emission test an all new platform & engines. There is no point spending money on that to not sell it. Being the Qashqui already meets euro crash test’s it make it more easier(ish) to bring it over.