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My Thoughts On The New Focus RS

First off, apologies for the lack of photos in this post. Too lazy tonight and I’m just killing time really.

Now that the power figures for the Focus RS have been announced, I have a few thoughts as to where this hot hatch stands. Most of which can be summed up like this: It is abso-fucking-lutely absurd.


First of all, the immediate competition in North America will be the Civic Type-R, the Golf R and the WRX STi (RIP Evo). The first in the list doesn’t even have all-wheel-drive so really, it’s for the Honda diehards or those looking to save a few grand compared to the rest of the line-up. The STi and Golf R are priced similarly, with the STi being more hardcore in that duo and the Golf R being more refined. All three have about 300hp on average.

Where does the Focus RS stand? It has all-wheel drive like the STi and Golf R. It will very likely be as hardcore and fun as the STi if not more judging by how ford likes to make their cars, especially their hot hatches (Plus DRIFT button) while also having interior refinement likely to be VERY close to the VW. It will be priced in the same range as these, which is a given. Finally, it has FIFTY MORE HORSEPOWER. Which. last time I checked, is not an insignificant amount. Honestly, unless the dynamics are crap, I see it as the best pick in this foursome unless you have a brand-specific hard-on.


Now, 50hp is not a small gap at all. It’s a 17% advantage in power compared to the 3 others on average. It’s weight should be in the same ballpark as well, or about 3300lbs. It’s game-changing enough that ford released a hot hatch with a good chunk more horsepower than it’s competition. But what has me truly surprised is something else entirely.

How the fuck did this get approved for production as-is?

Why am I surprised this thing even exists with this kind of on-paper performance? Because the Mustang exists.


When you look at how things have been in the past oh, at least 15-20 years, nothing in Ford’s lineup has been quicker than a Mustang GT (Excluding the V6 mustang because well, Taurus SHO) except a more hardcore Mustang. The way I see it? The Focus RS has the potential to match or even BEAT a Mustang GT 5.0 in a straight line, and do it for about the same purchase price. Sure, even if we account a 500lb advantage to the Focus, the Mustang still has a Power to Weight ratio advantage. But then my Mustang V6 has a P:W ratio advantage over my buddy’s 2012 Ralliart and I still get creamed in a drag race. The main advantage the Focus has is All-Wheel-Drive which will allow for much more aggressive launches without incurring time-robbing wheelspin. This alone should make a big difference. Plus, if we look at the 1/4 mile times of stuff like the Subaru and account for the fact the focus has more power and less weight, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was potentially a 12-second car. A Focus that can hang with a 5.0L Mustang? It shouldn’t exist but I’m glad it does.

What do you guys/girls think? Am I on crack or on track?

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