My thoughts on the new Phantom

Thanks to cé hé sin, I discovered that the new(ish) Rolls-Royce Phantom had been unveiled today. While I’m happy that they kept the look of the outgoing Phantom, admittedly my favorite new car, I’m a little sad that they didn’t go with a slightly more advanced look/a new model. It still looks pretty much the same as it did when it came out in 2003, although this new one is shorter and taller, making it look more like a building. The one major change they did make was to the face, which in my opinion, is the one thing they should’ve left more or less alone. Sadly, they took the same route that Bentley did with the Mulsanne, following the current trend of car design that involves throwing way too many styling elements at the front of a car. The front of a Rolls-Royce is like the front of a Wrangler: an icon not to be tampered with. Big, square, upright Parthenon grill with the Spirit of Ecstasy up front, two big headlights on either side, and two smaller driving lights below those. That’s all the more styling elements you should have on the front of a big Roller. This new front, much like the back of a BMW i8, makes the Phantom look like it just ate a more plebeian car. Plutocratic as that idea may be, it makes for an overly fussy and undignified look. Bottom line, I still really like the new Phantom, but from a styling perspective I think it’s a step backward.


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