We have to create a poem in English class. My topic: the sensation and drama of shredding tires away from a light at 10 PM in a crowded city.

It must mimick the style of a Harlem Renaissance poet, and I chose Claude McKay. He has a variation of rhyming styles, and he uses a lot of “danger word sentences” (i.e. When this happens, that happens.)

I’ll post it to oppo when it’s done, but I’m not exactly the best at thinking of poetry lines. I don’t want anyone to do it for me though!

1st stanza:

I shake and jolt in busy hush

Insignificant among the rest

Like ants the figures had no rush

Without highlights upon request

I had one chance to get it right

Impatience put up quite a fight

2nd stanza:

When facing me was shining green,

The time had come to make a scene.

One foot goes down into the floor,

To twist the heart forevermore.

The clock spins up from 1 to 5.

My chance to shine just came alive.