My Time With A Friend's Skylake Gaming Rig

This could only be summed up with two words and a straight face laced with absolute anger and malevolence that would make Gordon Ramsay run for the hills while screaming in fear:

Never. Again.

Now, where do I start with this damn thing (apart from a faulty HDD adapter)? Let’s see:

1. It can’t sort out Graphics drivers as if its life depended on it.

Now, unless you’re AMD, installing a driver for your graphics card (my 980 is also thrown into the mix) is a fairly simple task; download, click, install. Nothing else.


Easy, right?

Except this rig completely butchers that process and leaves you with a crippled driver that would make any Overclocker weep blood.


2. Why the hell is it so hot?

With this being out for quite some time now and given that this is Intel, you would expect the CPU not to be so absurdly overworked and overheating.


Yeah, even with an AIO watercooler, that’s not the case.

I basically placed my hand over where the air would be blown out from the computer and found that it’s rather warmer than my old i7-4790K test bench with a similar AIO unit - what? Does make a nice heater, but I’m not looking for a heating unit, but a machine capable of overclocking.


Needless to say, I’m about ready to send this back for a refund, but the company asked me to bring it back up for service because of the issue in numero uno. Let’s see.

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