This is my first Minnesota winter in a while. And while I have enjoyed sledding with my daughter:

My 3 year old stomping up the hill for another time in -5 degree weather

cross country skiing(check out these driving shoes):

I would never actually drive in these things

and being back in my home state in general. What I have not enjoyed is the two part onslaught of disappointment of putting my 911 away for the winter because it seemed to be the smart responsible thing to do because it is shod in summer performance tires, all while I’ve been sliding(not in a fun way) around town on the worst tires I’ve probably ever had in the winter on my “responsible” front wheel drive, turbo beetle.

When I bought my beetle I noted that at the least the tires were name brand, and were more or less brand new. The Eagle LS2 name didn’t ring any bells but how bad could they be? I had some initial problems keeping traction down in certain conditions in the first couple of fall months. I figured I was just being generous with the gas pedal and didn’t think about it too much. But then the snow hit and I still wasn’t set on blaming the tires. I am quickly realizing that its not that I forgot how slippery snowy road conditions can be that is the issue, but instead that my tires are just that bad in the snow.


And its been both unfortunate and frustrating.

It is unfortunate, because the Beetle is a fun little car when I can get on it. The transmission is smooth, the engine is quick, and the cabin is a decent place to be. I can tote around a weekend’s worth of gear with my three year old behind me and my wife next to me. I still can’t deliver anything resembling decent gas mileage and I think even with good tires, a set of sportier shocks/springs wouldn’t hurt.


Maybe you are saying, “they probably aren’t that bad.” I don’t know if you mean in general or in the snow, but trust me, they are that bad. I recently googled them and located this on TireRack:


And not surprisingly, lots of Eagle LS2 tires appear for sale on the local craigslist with not much use.

It’s frustrating because now I’ve been debating in my head if I should replace the tires on the beetle, maybe just the fronts. Or if I’m going to spring for tires, why not get something more all season for the 911. But both debates have been completely hushed by saving up for our house with closing in one month. And by the time that passes it will be spring.