I do vastly too much daydreaming, and it usually involves cars. On top of fixing My Galant, I really want to get into the world of RWD. It’s seemed like this untouchable stratosphere of automotive awesome. I don’t know why I convinced myself of that, but I held onto it for a long time. a year ago when I sold my Civic I did to go get a RWD car, but ended up finding something awesome that was AWD, and I love it. But I still feel the need to own, drive and probably crash a RWD performance car.

So my next car will probably be between 4-7500 dollars, RWD, and awesome here they are in no particualr order

Number 1

4th gen Z28, I can’t believe I’m saying this. But hey 280hp LT1, with a 6 speed manual, and it handles better than Mustang.

Number 2

300zx Convertable, a bit heavy, but a decent V6, and I love the looks.


Number 3

ZZW30, peppy 4cylinder, light wieght, The looks have grown on my a lot in the last year or two. kinda hard to find in the price range but I’ve seen a few.


Then obviously an 944, or Miata.