Has been popped.

2001 Tundra SR5. Four door, 4wd, 200k miles. Been in CA and AZ its whole life, so shitty clear coat, cracked plastic, but no rust. Ugly wheels are ugly, but not as bad in person. 2-3” spacer lift. Cloth interior which is insanely clean. No rips, tears or stains anywhere and plenty of bolster in the seats. Bit of wear on the driver armrest, but that’s about it. Gonna make my kids ride in the bed.


Was originally looking at Tacos and 4runners, but beat to hell and 2wd examples seemed to be going for the same price as cared for Tundras. Some of the nicer ones were going for Land Cruiser money. I figured if I was going to spend $5-6k, I might as well get a cared for V8.

HHFP described this transmission to a T. Shifts and gearing feel very similar to the TH350 in my ‘66 GMC. It’s an old school “I’m just here to shift gears” transmission. If you want fuel economy, don’t buy a V8. Engine is buttery smooth with a nice growl. The powertrain characteristics are actually very similar to my old GMC. Perfectly content just putting around at 1,200 RPM putting no effort in at all, and will downshift into hell when you need it to wake up, with the initial torque making it feel like it’s a lot more powerful than it is.


Timing belt was done 5k miles ago. Service records indicate the PO spent around $5k over the last two years replacing wear items and performing maintenance, so I should be good on the big ticket items. Came with two Toyota service manuals as well. As the owner of BMW and Chrysler products, I couldn’t believe there aren’t any leaks or even damp spots.

This is the most I’ve ever spent on a car this old with this many miles, but I think its well worth it based on how this thing has held up over the last two decades. Taking it camping tomorrow, for its baptism.


Pretty cool that it’s an American made truck with Japanese levels of quality.

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