I recently kicked out the tenant who occupied the addition on my warehouse. It’s a sizeable space (45'x85'), but it’s in poor condition so I don’t think I will try to re-rent it. Too much of a headache. So, I spent a morning moving my toys in.

I picked up the ‘65 Tempest Custom a few years back after the birth of my first son. It will eventually be our project car. The previous owner replaced all the bad sheet metal, put in a decent interior, painted it, and swapped in a mid-70s Pontiac 400. It has a 2 speed auto and is otherwise stock. I plan on selling off the drivetrain and swapping in a modern fuel injected system and a nice stick. Plus, it needs a better color and some appropriate rims, and I need to get rid of that GTO hood. If I wanted a real GTO, I could have bought one. But hacking a real GTO up seems like sacrilege.

My dad’s 70s Suzuki GT500. Hasn’t been ridden since the 90s. Two-stroke. Needs lots of work to get it running again, but it turns over fine. Someone offered me $250 for it. For that kind of money, I’ll hold onto it until someone in the family wants a bike.


1980 Harley-Davidson golf cart. My grandparents used it on their farm to get around quickly. Great off-roader. Lots of great memories on this thing with my siblings and cousins. Casualties include fences, trees, the dog kennel, and at least two broken bones. That brush bar is not ornamental. Needs a new muffler and a general tune-up. I plan on re-painting it, adding seats to the back, and making it road legal to use at our cottage, which is on an island in Maine where golf carts rule the road.


That’s the collection. In a few years when my boys are old enough to start wrenching we will get some of these projects off the ground. Until then, they at least sit indooors...