My Tracks: A Great App for High Score Whores

When high scores are really important to you.

If you're a curious Jalopnerd like me and need stats of your daily drives there's an app from Google called My Tracks. It's a simple interface app that uses your phone's GPS to record travel time, distance, average speed, top speed and stopped time. It's designed for runners, bikers, skiiers, drivers... OK it's really designed for anyone who moves and who wants to see HOW they moved.


Personally I've only used this on my commute to and from work and so far the data it records is very informative..

very VERY informative...

I'll at least say that it won't catch burst speeds very well i.e. if you ramp up for a second and then back down the receiver won't have time to register.

Regardless, it's a fun little app whether you use it for driving, biking, hiking, or what have you. I recommend it.


What? High scores ARE important.

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