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My trip to Formula Drift at Road Atlanta, May 10th

This was the first time I've been to a professional motorsports event, actually. My first reaction upon seeing Road Atlanta was "Oh man, it's actually real." Really cool track in real life, and it helps that it was one of my favorite tracks in Forza, ha. The drifts were insane, and the event in general was awesome. The trip down wasn't too bad, save for some idiot going into the median on the highway, and some torrential rain. The trip back was also not too bad, although I had to chug down a few tons of caffine to make sure I stayed awake, which luckily I didn't have any trouble doing (I made it home at 1:30am). My friend who I was with had a great time as well, and we got some cool souvenirs and stuff (like a tire they used! Kinda pointless but really cool). It was really humid the whole day so whenever a breeze came by it was a godsend, but after 7 or so it got cooler, and the rain mostly stayed off, except for a little misting. So yeah, here's some pictures and a video.


Full album of pictures and videos on my dropbox once they all upload here

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