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My truck is proof.

Proof that a Chevrolet will run badly longer than a lot of vehicles will run at all.

I drove it for the first time in about three weeks today. We are supposed to have a pretty intense severe weather outbreak here in the Ohio Valley and I didn’t feel like having my 2016 6 turned into a golf ball because of hail.

Got a pretty serious misfire. Enough that it’s kind of running on five cylinders and the “Service Engine Soon” light flashed for about ten seconds. I have ordered plugs and wires, since I don’t know the last time that was done. The previous owner only had it for a couple months. He buys and sells 3-4 trucks a month (surprised he hasn’t had to get a dealer’s license).


If plugs and wires doesn’t solve it, then I’ll replace the distributor cap and rotor. If that doesn’t solve it, I’ll have to cry (a lot) and tear into the stupid spider injector bullshit these mid-’90s 4.3s are known for.


The CD player also doesn’t work. It’s a crappy Alpine aftermarket unit that’s probably as old as the truck. I had brought my Miranda Lambert CD to save me from the local radio station’s onslaught of Christmas music. So much for that. I’d forgotten how terrible FM radio really is since I’m still enjoying my trial of SiriusXM in the car.

But, the heater works. And so does the four-wheel-drive. It truly is a “beater with a heater.”

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