I moved to Chicago last July and sadly had to leave behind my truck in Texas since finding parking for one car was hard enough. I returned to Texas a little over a week ago, so it was time to dust off the truck and get it road worthy after sitting for a year.

The truck started right up with no issues which was surprising. Unfortunately, that is where my good luck ended. The trucks vacuum leak had greatly increased from when I parked it the year before and now prevented the truck from reeving at all and it died shortly after starting. I popped off the air filter and pulled out the vacuum line diagram and noticed one of the lines to the carb had come off. Slid it back on and fired it right back up and it ran and revved like normal.

I drove it around the parking lot and it seemed to run decent enough to make the 5 mile trek home to diagnose why it was running a bit rough. As soon as pulled out of the storage lot and onto the street I knew the problem was more severe than I had thought. The truck would not accept more then maybe 5% throttle input or it would stall. This caused me to reach a top speed of maybe 25 mph. I managed to baby it home stalling a few times along the way.

I’ll admit that I don’t know much about working on cars as the main purpose of my having this truck is for me to learn and learn is exactly what I did. I began reading service manuals and googling the symptoms I experienced; sluggish acceleration, stalling in gear, runs great in park, etc. I spent hours doing this and came up with about a dozen problems.


I plan to drop a new engine in the truck for more power eventually so I didn’t want to spend much to get it back on the road. After my research I concluded that I could replace the fuel pump, fuel filter, and ignition coil for less than $50 as those components seemed to be the most likely cause and cheapest to repair. I finally got them installed to day and started the truck up and it ran better than itever has in the 4 years I’ve had it!

It’s great to be back in Texas with my pride and joy road worthy again.

I love the hood ornament


tl;dr Truck sat for a year. I diagnosed and repaired the problems for the first time on my own.