And I have a short temper, bleeding knuckles, and dirty hands. But I fixed it. And I fixed it all by myself. Big accomplishment for me.

This week, my friend and I will be doing the radiator replacement as well as the thermostat. Radiator has a small leak and I’m replacing the thermostat for good measure. I am also replacing the door switch, as I found out the dome light actually does work (turn the dimmer switch all the way up and the dome light comes on). It just doesn’t come on when the doors are open.

I also have a curious non-start issue. This is different than the flooding/rough start issue. That is solved by letting the fuel pump prime before starting (I’m sure it needs a fuel pump but I’m not doing that now).

The battery cables keep coming loose. I tighten them and then every so often, it won’t start and has no power. I re-tighten the cable/terminal, and it is back to normal. Not sure about that one, unless the actual holes in the battery are stripped out due to this battery being moved fairly often between like ten different trucks by the previous owner. I don’t know what to do, as working with the battery at all pretty much scares me. I have a relative paranoia about being electrocuted.